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move in and move out cleaning

Moving isn’t easy, the last thing you need to worry about is getting your old or new home cleaned. Leave it to the professionals, let the experts at Clear & Bright take care of the move-in / move-out cleaning for you.

Whether you are a renter moving out or a landlord with a new tenant on the way a  move-in / move-out cleaning is important not just for health but appearance as well.

When a place gets rented it’s crucial that the new resident moves into a clean space. As a renter, it’s important to clean on the way out to get the deposit back.

Either way, the move in / move out cleaning is crucial.

What’s the difference between a move-in / move-out and a regular cleaning?

The standard cleaning is for general upkeep. This would include washing counter tops, floors, dusting surfaces, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

When doing a move in / move out cleaning there are some extra considerations taken to make sure the residence is ready for the next family.

Move in / Move Out cleaning includes:

  • Dusting everywhere including ledges and window sills (that we can safely reach)

  • Inside Refrigerator Cleaning

  • Inside Oven Cleaning

  • Inside Cabinets Cleaning

  • Cleaning the inside windows

  • Cleaning baseboards

  • Vacuuming including , etc

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